Testimonials & Reviews

Thank you so much for the last painting, exactly as you stated.

Jill Harris, AZ

I want to thank you for all of the information about Marjorie Reed. I learned a lot from your website.

Brandon Thomas, Tombstone Arizona

I want to thank you for talking to me on the phone the other day. I'm glad we could work out an arrangement for you to buy my paintings. Thanks.

Chad Clipson, New Mexico

Thanks for finding us the pair of paintings. I couldn't be happier and thanks for delivering them to us at our home.

Denton Harvey, Costa Mesa, CA

Thanks for selling us the 9X12 painting by Marjorie Reed. It was exactly as you described and looks great hung. You were more than kind giving us all the history not only about her but also about how you obtained the painting. It is nice to see people that are passionate towards western art. I look forward to obtaining more art pieces from you in the future.

Rebecca Higons, Albuquerque, NM

I had no idea that Marjorie Reed painted so many different types of paintings from stage coaches to landscape. Thanks for providing me with some great information as I purchased one of her paintings back in the 1980's in Tombstone, AZ but didn't know exactly who she was. All all saw was a great looking painting that I've enjoyed for years.

Donny Bradshaw, St Louis, MO

Great pictures. I think I actually bought one similar back in the 1970's when I visited her gallery in New Mexico. Thanks for all the wonderful information about her life and paintings. I did come across a letter that I saved and I'd be happy to give it to you so you can place it up on your website.

Lauren V. Tustin, CA

I used to know Marjorie Reed back when I lived in Tombstone Arizona. We used to go visit her gallery and loved talking to her and seeing her work. I was luck to be able to purchase 3 of her stagecoach paintings back in the 1970's and I've had them displayed ever sense in my living room. I'm happy to see another site that shows all of her work. I love your gallery section and I recognize many of the works as one of them is pretty close to the one I purchased from her. Again, thank you for such a wonderful site full of information and paintings from an artist that I feel was one if not the best western artist of her time.

Tony Patton, Tombstone, AZ

I remember your family when you lived in Tombstone. I really appreciate all the things on your site. I'll be posting some good stories that I can remember soon. I remember when she did some of her work and signed it Harvey Day. I still own some of them and will be talking to you soon about buying them.

Brandi Joanhaon, Tombstone, Arizona

Thanks for talking to me the other night. After I checked around you were able to pay me more for my painting than what my local dealer said and heprices were the best. I'm glad I sold it to you and that you have pictured it on your website for all to enjoy.

When I decided to sell my entire collection of Marjorie Reed paintings I thought of you after we met at the Tucson art show. I'm happy to see that you have them at your house and are enjoying them with your family. I also wanted to thank you for advising me not to sell several of my other art pieces. I recommend you to anyone looking to sell their pieces as I know that you and your family will treat them right.

Brandon Peterson, Pratt Kansas

I found the below from some books and I thought I would pass it along to you on the history of Marjorie Reed. Born in Springfield, IL, raised in Los Angeles, Marjorie Reed gained a reputation for paintings of western scenes, particularly Butterfield Overland Stage coaches and scenes of cowboys, horses and figures associated with the Overland Mail Route. Sometimes she signed her paintings with men's names including Harvey Day and Fred Day. At the age of three, she began art lessons from her father, Walter Stephen Reed, a commercial artist., whom she later assisted with illustrations for the Mickey Mouse Beverage Company, affiliated with Walt Disney. She was so accomplished that shortly after, she was hired by Walt Disney Studios to do animation. But she did not like the regimentation of that work.

In the mid-1930's, she studies at the Chouinard Art School and took lessons from Jack Wilkinson Smith, a renowned painter who was a key artist in establishing the Biltmore Salon in LA. Knowing her love of the outdoors and horses, he encouraged her to roam the countryside. She became a friend of Captain William Banning who had been a stagecoach driver for his father Phineas Banning. She learned the romantic story of the Butterfield Overland Mail Stage, which from 1857 to 1858 ran from San Francisco to the Yuma crossing on the Colorado River. Based in LA from the late 1930's to the late 1940's she traveled the stage-coach route and sketched for the paintings of her project to learn about various points along the route. Her travels included Palm Springs, which she visited many times after her first stop in 1937, and also Julian, a California mountain town. Her Butterfield Stage series, about the 1858 Butterfield Overland State from St. Louis to San Francisco was completed in 1957 after years of travel and research, and a book titled The Colorful Overland Stage was published with twenty color reproductions and text by Richard Pourade. In 1967, she finished a second set of book illustrations focused on Arizona A third set was devoted to New Mexico and Texas, a fourth to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. In her later years, she became residents of Tombstone Arizona in 1963 after living in northern California on the Placer River. According to her daughter, Judy Morris, Marjorie Reed died in 1997, living in a desert near the Butterfield Stage Station in California. These facts come from the sources: Phil Kovinich and Marion YoshikiKovinick, Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West Peggy and Harold Samuels, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Artists of the American West Edan Hughes, Artists in California 1760-1970

Donna Wilson , Irvine, CA